Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai 19th June 2018 Written Update, Written Episode 

KK asks Siddhant to handle Anushka and says he can’t refuse her. Siddhant says ok. KK asks him to call Anushka as Vedant came. Siddhant comes to Anushka and says your Vedant came. Anushka tells him that she is Anushka Reddy and will not let him take any wrong step, afterall her family has build this company with his blood and sweat. Siddhant says I know and tells that even my father blood and sweat are contributed in the company’s achievements. She asks him to excuse her as her Vedant came. She goes to meet Vedant. KK asks her to give time to her and make him drink coffee. Anushka says ok. KK tells her that he told her something. Anushka says yes. She thinks of KK’s words and tells Vedant that she will take him to coffee shop. Karthik and nupur comeback home and pretend as if they are happy and missed the family members. They come to the room. Nupur gets angry on Karthik for cut shorting their honey moon. Karthik says your friends are everywhere, and tells that they had went to honeymoon and not to meet friends. He asks her to adjust, but she refuses. He gets Purva’s call and she asks him about his honeymoon and outing. He says he will talk later and ends the call. Nupur asks who was she? Karthik asks do I ask you about your friends?

Sweety ji tells Siddhant that Neeta was an actress before marrying KK. Siddhant says now I understand why daughter is like that. Sweety says anushka is very beautiful. Siddhant says she is dramebaaz and tells that she never told him that her mum was an actress. He says something is hidden from them. Anushka asks Neeta if she will take documents with her. Neeta says yes. Anushka sees globe and keeps it. Neeta asks her to make her new world. Purva goes to her college and then meeting. Siddhant comes to Gayatri and asks did you know that Neeta was an actress before. Gayatri says yes and tells that she saw her film also, but it didn’t release because of distributors. Siddhant says I felt why did KK sir marry her? Gayatri says they were in love and tells that KK was not that big man that time. Siddhant thinks I have to find out how did KK reach there.

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